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Trump for President!

                Have you heard about the new season of The Apprentice? The stakes are higher than ever now Donny himself has entered the ring!
                Donald Trump is in the running for President and that is amazing! Finally we’re getting some spice tossed into the salad of presidential candidates (and we needed it after Lincoln Chafee!). At this point the campaign which is still a year away has become one of the most promising in history. You can’t say it’s not going to be fun anymore! The guy who pretty much thought Obama’s re-election was the worst thing to ever happen to America now gets a chance to see if everyone else will get to feel the same about him! He’s going to dominate every debate with his loudness, pointed fingers, and toupee. It’s going to be the best thing since that Marx Brothers reunion where they all died!
                Trump will represent the needs of America and the little people, meaning those earning as little as 15 million dollars a year. He’ll fight for animal equality, to eliminate that exclusive endangered species club, allowing all creatures great and small the privilege of staring down the gun of one of his perennially smirking sons. He’s also expected to be fighting terrorists, Obamacare, and common sense. He wants to return America to its former greatness, something he made absolutely clear in his inaugural candidacy announcement when he made really racist remarks about Mexicans! That’s the great America we want, where foreigners are forced to build and pay for a giant wall to keep them out of their neighbouring country. What happened to those good old values? Way to go Trump! That nomination is in the bag!
                Of course Trump’s not going to become president, it’s ridiculous. The Republican Party’s not stupid enough to let him win the nomination, so this is all about the ride!  And what a ride it will be. This will be the most entertaining race for president in recent memory and I’m looking forward to it!

                Now let’s see Kevin O’Leary try to become Prime Minister!

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