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Clinton FTW...?

“Hillary Clinton’s running for President!”
“Yes we know, what else is new?”
“No it’s official now!”
That’s pretty much the universal reaction to the news that Hillary Clinton has thrown her hat into the ring. Putting aside the fact this was the worst kept secret in Washington, she intends to run for President a year from now. She announced it with a video that pretty much panders to the left wing in a fairly obvious way. It starts with a lot of different people from all walks of life looking forward to new changes in their lives and then Hillary shows up announcing her candidacy and that she wants to be the people’s champion to move America forward. The ad features people from at least three racial minorities, a gay and lesbian couple, an expectant couple, a young single mother, a woman on the verge of retiring, parents and children, siblings, hammering home the idea that she represents all Americans regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or social status. There’s also some awkward dialogue about American values and Hillary Clinton emphasizing the power of the ultra-rich. It’s pretty corny but all ads like this would be and it certainly will make an impact on some voters.
She’s going to have her struggles with past failures, her recent e-mail controversy, and even remnants from her husband’s presidency coming back to haunt her. Of course political rivals saw this coming, Rand Paul already having an attack ad prepared. It’s still possible other Democratic contenders will join the race but none of them have the popularity of the former First Lady, who if successful will move back into the White House, become the first woman president whose also a spouse of a previous president, and force Bill to be First Laddie. Which would certainly be historically interesting if it comes to fruition. But for now good luck to her. In any case it will at least be fun seeing her go up against the panel of rejected Looney Tunes known as the Republican candidates. Her theme of moving forward though not as readily accessible or potentially controversial as Obama’s “change”, is fine if uninspired, implying her competitors are moving backwards. But let’s see what becomes of her. Certainly knowing they may have to face her staring them down on the opposite side of a debate will scare away a chunk of her potential competition.

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