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Did Putin kill a guy??

                Is Vlad Putin Vlad the Impaler? It certainly seems so. Last week you may recall the somewhat suspicious death of Boris Nemtsov a prominent Russian politician and rival of President Vladimir Putin. He was shot to death not too far from the Kremlin while crossing the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge. The event was partially recorded via some form of CCTV, but another vehicle was driving on the adjacent motorway conveniently obstructing the actual shooting. Sounds like something out of a gangster movie; Tony Soprano couldn’t have done it better. And while the death is being investigated a lot of us can’t help wondering “did Putin do it?”
                Nemtsov was after all an outspoken critic of Putin and his government and if the grim president had a hit list, he would probably have been in the top ten. And in the past year we’ve been seeing Putin try to expand and consolidate power particularly with his invasion of Ukraine, and so those kind of actions generally create less tolerance to criticism. For a political leader like Putin it does reflect his character that he would put a hit out on someone he didn’t like.
                That being said it could be a misunderstanding. Nemtsov’s death could have just been the result of those hitmen misunderstanding Putin’s complaints or jokes about his opponent, much like the assassination of Thomas Becket in the 12th century. Then again this is Russia where they’re very straightforward and jokes aren’t something that happen.
                Clearly Putin’s gone maniacal with power and this assassination shows it. Not that he wasn’t on the maniac side to begin with. No one’s going to forget how the man who enforces one of the harshest sexuality persecuting legislations in the world likes to ride horses shirtless with a face so stony you’d think he’s auditioning to be Rock Biter in The NeverEnding Story. And we’ve all drawn the parallels in his invasion of Ukraine with another politician’s invasion of a country seventy-six years ago right down to the excuse (I won’t say who but Charlie Chaplin probably played him best-suitably as he stole Chaplin’s moustache style).
                I think Putin did have Nemtsov murdered and furthermore I think in the regime he’s created for himself he’ll never be implicated. A couple Chechians seem to already be taking the fall but we know the truth. But am I going too far? Presuming too much? By calling Putin out on these accusations and his questionable at best political actions, I too am a political enemy of his. But I don’t care! He is a maniacal dictator who is a danger to his own and other peoples; who won’t stop invading, posing, and murdering all those who disagree with hi—



*muffled garbage*


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P.S. I am naüght bad Russian steriötÿpe

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